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summer camp

Who we are

Our Story

Over 38 years ago, Troy Burleson (8th dan) had a vision to begin a summer camp for kids who were interested in martial arts. He envisioned a special place where kids could learn to be the best version of themselves.

Randy Edwards (8th dan) and Jerry Lindsey (8th dan) joined Mr. Burleson in this adventure, bringing their individual talents and creating a full experience for each camper.

The three directors are of the belief that our future lies in the hands of the following generations. We are creating accountable leaders, and what we share with them will be what they pass on to the following generations.

  • Junior Directors

    Junior Directors assist in developing the strengths and talents of young martial artists at Kids Taekwon-Do Camp. They are actively instructing in their martial arts schools and contributing to their communities.

  • Counselors

    Our counselors are mature and experienced Kids Taekwon-Do Camp participants. They are energetic, and truly committed to making a difference in others' lives.

  • Senior Campers
    (Counselors in Training)

    Many of Kids Camp’s CITs become future cousenlors. This specialized program has been designed to give our oldest campers the opportunity to step up and share the best of themselves with camp.

Why we are different

  • We are in the business of changing lives

    Kids Taekwon-Do Camp is an experience like no other. It is a mental and physical learning camp, but not only of martial arts. It is a place of connection, camaraderie in a new learning atmosphere.

  • Where everyone knows your name

    Children and teens attend Kids Camp and proclaim, “I’ve found my people!” Campers are interacting with like-minded martial artists and building positive, lifelong friendships rooted in positive experiences.

  • Repeptitive Peer Encouragement lifting up each individual

    Each camper is able to break out of their comfort zone, take some risks with their skills, without the fear of failure or judgment of failure. Imagine 100 of your peers continually cheering you forward, encouraging you to master your goal and become the best version of yourself.

  • Yes, we really are that special

    Since 1984, our goal has been to create a space where young martial artists are immersed in an environment of setting goals, receiving encouragement, and where they learn to always encourage their peers. This cycle of setting and conquering milestones, establishes independence, community and also empowerment for every individual attending.

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